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A Photo - A Story

I like color, I like motion, I like to tell stories. I remember the first model I shot, I asked her to play a story in her mind to help me to read a special feeling I waited for in her eyes and on her lips. Since, I never stop to request the models to play a game and to move. A picture is life just frozen. If you want a static model, better to shot a dummy!

In fact I like when we try to guess what happened just before and just after the picture had been shot. I like when the onlooker makes his own movie.

Of course, when I shoot with a movie camera I like to move also. With steadycam or not. I like when eyes run away on the screen. During a witness is watching an action on a corner, another interest arising from another side. I like the camera acting as a subjective shot. In contrast, I like long sequence shot when the director has to manage the decor and actors, to make the spectator confuse, forgotten the frame. At that time actors and background take the lead. I love it!